Updated on (date) 7:51 AM / 06-Feb-2024

AEG Ireland Rewards Spring Cashback Promotion 2024


Terms & Conditions


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully and if you have any queries, please contact your retailer or email aeg@promotion-support.com or phone 1 800 991 822 (Freephone) for further explanation.

1. Consumers who make a qualifying purchase between 08.02.24 and 14.04.24 (both dates inclusive) may claim cashback in accordance with these terms until 14.07.24. Cashback will be issued via BACS to the consumer.

2. This AEG Rewards offer is open to residents of the Republic of Ireland only and is available to consumers only (i.e. it excludes trade and contract sales) subject at all times to product availability.

3. Maximum of 2 claims per household. Claims are capped at 2 eligible claims per household with unlimited number of products per claim. For avoidance of doubt, 1 (one) claim equates invoice/till receipt and all product models must be purchased within the scope of maximum 2 (two) invoices/till receipts.

4. This consumer AEG Rewards promotion is applicable to retail sales only (excludes trade and contract sales).

5. Information on this AEG Rewards promotion can be found on aeg-offers.com.

6. Claims relating to products purchased before 08.02.24 and after 14.04.24 will not be accepted.

7. To register appliances within your order and claim your AEG Reward, please visit our AEG promotions claims site at aeg-offers.com and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note payment will be subject to compliance with these terms and conditions.

8. For avoidance of doubt you will only be eligible to claim an AEG Reward when you purchase any selected AEG products identified at aeg-offers.com.

9. All online claims will need to be submitted and received by midnight on 14.07.24. No online claims can be submitted after this date.

10. No responsibility can be accepted by the promoter for claims which are not made by this closing date.

11. You are required to upload a proof of purchase to support any online claim, failure to do so will mean that your claim will be rejected.

12. All instructions given within this leaflet are part of these terms and conditions.

13. By claiming your AEG Rewards, applicants will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

14. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.

15. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and undertake all such action, as is reasonable, to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims. The Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims, which it considers, in its absolute discretion, are fraudulent or invalid.

16. After registration and a successful verification, the participant will receive a transfer to the bank account specified by them during the registration in the amount specified in these terms and conditions. No other agreements will be made.

17. The Promoter endeavours to transfer the cashback amount to the specified account within 28 days from the date when the registration was approved. If there is a high number of registrations, delays may occur.

18. Personal data supplied during the course of this AEG Rewards Promotion will only be processed as necessary for the operation of the AEG Rewards Promotion and in accordance with the Promoter's privacy policy which can be found here - https://www.aeg.co.uk/overlays/data-privacy-statement/. Personal data will be shared with Benamic Limited and its sub-contractors as data processors of the Promotor for the sole purpose of managing claims submitted in the AEG Rewards Promotion and only in accordance with the Promotor’s instructions. Personal data supplied during the course of this AEG Rewards Promotion will be retained for 12 months from the end of the AEG Rewards Promotion.

19. If you have any queries on your application or if your cashback does not arrive, please email aeg@promotion-support.com or phone 1 800 991 822 (Freephone).

20. The Promoter is Electrolux PLC, Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 9QQ.


Participating Retailers:


Andy Spillane Bespoke Furniture
Bespace (Bedroom Elegance)
Broderick Electrical
Buckley & Barry Bespoke Furniture
Chris Keating House of Design
Classic Kitchens
Cucina (t/a KKS)
Cunniffe Electric Ballinasloe at Fletchers Expert
Cunniffe Electric Limited
Dominic Smith Electrical
Dwyers Electrical
Ennis Electrical Supplies Ltd - Expert
Expert HQ Mullingar
Expert Mullingar
Expert Naas
Expert Sligo
Expert Tullamore
Finucanes Electrical Expert
Frank O'Dea Carpentry Ltd
Harvey Norman
Irwins Electrical
JJ's Appliances
John Queenan
Kube Nationwide
Mark Lohan Fitted Furniture Ltd
Murphy Electrical
Nenagh Electrical
Next Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd
Nolan Kitchens Ltd
Peter Murphy Lighting & Electrical
QK Living
Sherwoods Electrical
TFC Designs (t/a Kitchen World)
Tierney Kitchen Retail Ltd
Toss Bryan Electrical
Walsh Bros


Eligible Models:


Model Number Cashback
LFR84146UC €100
LFR71844B €50
LFR61144B €50
L6FBK841B €50
L6FBK141B €50
L7WBG751R €50
LWR7195M4B €50
TR848P4B €100
TR718L4B €50
T6DBG821N €50
FFB53937ZM €50
RKB738E3MB €100
AGB728E5NB €100
RKB738E3MX €100
AGB728E5NX €100
RCB732E3MB €100
RCB732E7MG €100
BSE782380M €150
BPE748380T €150
BPK748380B €150
BSE778380T €150
BPE742380M €100
BPE948730M €150
BPE556060M €50
KME968000M €150
KME768080T €150
KMK768080B €150
KME761080M €150
MBE2658SEM €50
KDK911424T €50
KDK911424M €50
DCE731110M €150
IKE85651FB €150
IKE85751FB €100
IAE84421FB €100
IAE64421FB €50
IKB84401FB €50
IKB64401FB €50
HGB75520SM €50
CCE84751FB €150
DBE5961HG €100
DGE5861HM €50
DGE5861HB €50
DBE5681HR €50
DVE5671HR €150
DVE5971HR €150
DKB5960HM €50
DKB4650M €50
FSE83837P €100
FSS64907Z €50
SKK818E9ZC €150
ABK818E6NC €100
OSC6N181ES €100
NSC7G751ES €100
BSK978330M  €150
BSK999330M  €150
BSK778380T  €150
BPK948330M  €150
BPK748380T  €150
BPK748380M  €100
BPK556260M  €50
KMK968000M  €150
KMK768080T  €150
KMK768080M  €150
DCK731110M  €150